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Polish for foreigners

Looking for a unique and engaging Polish language course? Our school might be just what you need!


Prime offers a wide range of customizable Polish language courses starting from the beginner’s level (A1).  The curriculum for our courses is always tailored to the needs of our clients, who are more than welcome to participate in the course planning process.

Our staff includes highly qualified, professional teachers (Polish native speakers), who are also fluent in English and always strive to leave little or no space for misunderstandings. We have extensive academic, business and private experience in teaching languages. Moreover, we are open, dedicated and positive people, who love our job and always go the extra mile for our students to actively engage them in the language learning process.


At Prime we focus on relaxed and spontaneous communication, practising difficult sounds of Polish pronunciation, as well as grammar basics.

Conversations are based on everyday matters like work, home, family, sport or any other relatable and relevant parts of our lives. We address everyday problems of our students, such as administrative matters, cultural issues or just different nuances of living in our beautiful city of Rzeszów.

At Prime we also encourage socializing and mingling within the Polish community, so that the culture can be felt, not only learnt about.


We cooperate with educational institutions, companies and private, individual clients. We try to speak as much Polish as reasonably possible but our beginner-level students always appreciate the clarity of explanations in fluent English.


In case of business & corporate clients, we offer in-company courses with the possibility to adjust the schedule to the company’s working hours.

For private/individual clients the classes can take place in our school located at 58/2L Nowosądecka Street, Rzeszów.

In case of our “Polish for foreigners” courses, the prices and intensity of courses are always negotiated with the client beforehand, as we are open to the expectations of our students.

The first class is free of charge; we strongly encourage that our clients meet with us, talk about their expectations and see for themselves if they would like to set up cooperation with us.


Feel free to contact us via email or phone:

 +48 570 559 969

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Ul. Nowosądecka 58/2L, Rzeszów, Os. Projektant
If you’re planning a visit at our school, please contact us first to see when we’re available.

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Ul. Nowosądecka 58/2L, Rzeszów
570 559 969